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   Call for Papers

Submission of Abstract

Participants who intend to provide written contributions are invited to submit their abstract in English (up to 500 words) before February 15, 2017 (extended) by using the following web site https://www.conftool.pro/international-colloquium-on-lightning-and-power-systems-2017/.

Each abstract must indicate the topic that will be addressed (1 to 10 above or others related to lightning and protection systems against lightning), the paper title, company affiliation, e-mail and full address of the main author.

Full paper Submission

The full papers have to be uploaded up to May 15.

Template for writing papers is attached here.

ICLPS 2017

International Colloquium on Lightning and Power Systems

The deadline for full paper submission is extended till 15th of May 2017. Authors will receive a notice of paper acceptance and any modifications required till 15th of June 2017.
Click "Full Paper Submission" to submit your Full Paper in (CIGRE compatible) *.pdf and *.doc or *.docx formats using the ICLPS2017 paper submission website. Please follow link to submit full paper.

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