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   Main Topics

Main Topics

The concept of the Colloquium is to create a meeting place of knowledge exchange for engineers involved in the fundamental study of lightning phenomena and protection application against its effects. In this session we plan to focus more specifically on:

  1. Principles of lightning location, limitations and performance of existing systems.
  2. Exploitation of data provided by lightning location systems (LLS), reporting and/or survey on authentic experiences, including correlation with otherwise obtained data.
  3. Direct measurement of lightning currents using instrumented tall structures.
  4. State-of-the art of LL methods and systems related to its applicability in case of power system emergency and restoration.
  5. Numerical simulations in lightning related studies, including lightning shielding, induced lightning and overvoltage protection.
  6. Protection from lightning impact on power plants’ secondary I&C systems and on plants’ auxiliary electrical systems.
  7. Improvement of lightning protection of overhead lines, substation equipment, underground and submarine cables and other lightning impact related transient phenomena.
  8. Electrical grounding including towers of transmission and distribution systems.
  9. PQ monitoring and lightning including measures aimed at PQ improving.
  10. Lightning protection elements, arrester application, monitoring and field experience including multi-impulse stresses.

Other topics related to lightning and protection systems against lightning will also be welcome.

The colloquium will start with keynote lectures providing the audience with latest views on basics of lightning and enabling the participants to fully understand the subjects which are to be presented.

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ICLPS 2017

International Colloquium on Lightning and Power Systems

Participants who intend to provide written contributions are invited to submit their abstract in English before 15. 2. 2017.(EXTENDED DEADLINE)
Please follow link to submit abstract.

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