CIRED is an international organization with the goal of sharing expert knowledge in the field of distribution power systems. Every odd years CIRED organizes international conferences with the purpose of sharing knowledge, connecting experts and learning key practices which are important for development of distribution systems. CIRED organization is strongly connected with distribution system operators, research and academia institutions, equipment producers and other organizations for standardization in the field of distribution power systems.

The mission of CIRED is to connect experts, engineers and other power system partners with the common goal of developing and improving distribution power systems around the globe.


The founder of CIRED is The association of electrical engineers (AIM) in electrical engineering institute Montefiore from the University in Liege and British Association of Electrical Engineers (previously IEE and now IET).
The first CIRED conference was held in 1971, with the participation of 29 countries. The following conferences were held either in Lèige, Belgium or in United Kingdom. Due to increased interest in CIRED activities the organizors have decided to make a conference global and in 1999 they held 15th international CIRED conference in Nice, France. Since then CIRED conference is organized every two years on a different Europeean venue.

Since 2014 an Europeean Distribution System Operators assembly (E.DSO) has begun to closely cooperate with CIRED in order to educate distribution power system experts through international conferences and events.


Slovenia, then represented by Slovenian Association of Electric Power Engineers (SLOKO CIGRE), became an associate member of the international CIRED in 1999. In 2001 the association has organized 5th conference of Slovenian power system experts. This was the first Slovenian conference that had papers presented in local CIRED section.

Today international CIRED is strongly connected with Slovenian Committee of Electric Power Engineers CIGRE-CRIED. Every odd year many Slovenian experts are participating in CIRED conferences on topics of distribution power systems.


International CIRED brings together experts for distribution systems from across the globe. Knowledge and experiences that the members contribute to the vast knowledge repository through papers and presentations are priceless not only for DSOs but also for researchers, equipment manufacturers and other distribution experts. When attending the CIRED conference, participants have a unique opportunity to connect with internationally recognized experts and exchange knowledge with them. This is one of the key advantages since distribution systems around the world are vastly different and it’s important to hear voices of experiences that solve same problems in their own unique way. Slovenian CIGRE-CIRED helps their active members in networking with global experts by enabling the local engineers to participate on international CIRED conferences with their top papers.