At the general assembly of the Slovenian CIGRÉ-CIRED Association on 23rd May 2017 in Maribor, the following organizational structure was confirmed with a four-year mandate (2017-2021).

Executive Board (Presidency Board)

 President  Marko Hrast (ELES)
 Vice president responsible for distribution  Matjaz Osvald (Distribution Utility Elektro Ljubljana)
 Vice president responsible for transmission  Uros Salobir (ELES)
 Vice president responsible for production  Andrej Tumpej (DEM)
 Vice president responsible for market and regulation  Bojan Kuzmic (The Energy Agency)
 Vice president responsible for education and industry  Joze Pihler, (University of Maribor FERI)
 Secretary general  Leon Maruša (EIMV)
 National TK CIGRÉ chairman  Boris Zitnik (EIMV)
 National TK CIRED chairman  Zvonko Toros (Distribution Utility Elektro Primorska)
 Representative of Honourable members  Vekoslav Korosec (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia)
 Representative of Honourable members  Kresimir Bakic (ELES)
 Representative of Honourable members  Maks Babuder (EIMV)
 Representative of the Electrotechnical Association of Slovenia  Ferdinand Gubina (chairman of Electrotechincal Association of Slovenia)
 Representative of the National Committee WEC (World Energy Council)  Franc Zlahtic (chairman of NC WEC)
Supervisory board
Member Substitute
 President  Milos Pantos (University of Ljubljana) Drago Papler (Distribution Utility Elektro Gorenjska)
 Member  Rudi Voncina (EIMV) Andrej Souvent (EIMV)
 Member  Radko Carli Jurij Bizjak
Committee for awards
 President  Igor Papic (University of Ljubljana)
 Member  Dejan Paravan (GEN-I)
 Member  Milan Marinsek (ELES)
 Member  Miha Zumer (Distribution Utility Elektro Gorenjska)
 Member  Marko Sencar (The Energy Agency)
Propitiatory council
President  Franc Jakl
 Member  Ivan Leban
 Member  Metod Bresan
 Member  Peter Flajser
 Member  Marjan Zumer