CIRED is an abbreviation for international congress for electricity distribution systems.
CIRED (Congres International des Réseaux Electriques de Distribution) is an international forum of professional distributors of electrical energy. Every two years it pleads international conferences. The founder of CIRED is an association of engineers holding electrical engineering degrees from the electrical engineering institute Montefiore from the University in Liege and British Association of Electrical Engineers (previously IEE and now IET).
The first CIRED conference was held in 1971, with the participation of 29 countries. Slovenia, represented by Slovenian Association of Electric Power Engineers, became an associate member of this reputable international association of distributors since 1999.
The technical program is implemented in the following Study Committees (SC): 
SC 1: Network Components
SC 2: The quality of electricity and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
SC 3: Operation, Control and Protection of Distribution Networks
SC 4: Distributed Energy Resources – Management and Exploitation of electric power
SC 5: Development of Distribution Networks
SC 6: Organizational leadership skills
Slovenian section of CIRED is implemented in the same pattern.