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25. December, 2019 @ 8:00 - 17:00

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electircal Engineering

16th December 2019

Award recipients of 49th Bedjanic’s Awards

  • One award for PhD thesis: GENERALIZING THE APPROACH TO FACTS DEVICE MODELLING IN STEADY STATE ANALYSIS OF ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS; University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electircal Engineering; author: dr. Gorazd Bone; mentor: prof. dr. Rafael Mihalič
  • Two awards for master thesis (bologna master study):
    • IMPLEMENTATION OF INDIRECT VECTOR CONTROL FOR INDUCTION MACHINES USING THE DEVELOPMENT TOOL TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LAUNCHPAD; University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; author: Tim Kamenšek, mag. inž. el.; mentor: doc. dr. Martin Petrun
    • POWER SYSTEM VOLTAGE CONTROL WITH CENTRAL REGULATOR; University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; author: Ana Kerbler, mag. inž. el.; mentor: dr. Jožef Ritonja

Awards of prof. dr. Vratislav Bedjanic

The awards for extraordinary academic works in fileds of automation and electrical power engineering are beeing granted since 1970. In nearly five decades the Awards has gained its recognition linked to institutions such as Iskra, University of Ljubljana and University of Maribor. In year 2009 the sponsorship of the Awards was taken over by National Comitee CIGRE-CIRED Slovenia in cooperation with both Electircal Engineering Faculties.

About prof. Vratislav Bedjanic

During technical experts these awards represent a memorial to prof. Vratislav Bedjanič – the founder and first CEO of Iskra’s Tel factory in Ljubljana. Prof. Bedjanič has received his bachelor degree in 1929 from Technical faculty of Ljubljana and was nominated for assistant profesor in 1940 at University of Ljubljana. As a leading expert he has cooperated at foundation and development of slovenian electrical industry in 1945. These includes also companies such as: Iskra Kranj, Elma Črnuče and Elektrokovina Maribor. Based on industry needs and his own knowledge about importance of power system automation equipment manufacturing control he has personally lead the foundation of TELA (Electrical machines factory) in Ljubljana. Since its foundation in 29th June 1949 he was CEO and CTO of TELA for entire decade until his premature death in 15th December 1959. As a great slovenian expert in his field of work, a statue of his figure was build and revealed in his honor on 15th December 1999 (40-years from his death) at 29th Awards event.

The importance and prestige on the Award

With the purpose of conserving the figure of university profesor and successful businessman, which also encouraged his students to research the field of automatization, company Iskra has founded the Award granting and the fund for the Award on the proposal of one of the Bedjanič’s close co-workers, prof. dr. Anton Ogorelc in 1970. During the years the Award’s identity was not developed only by awarded students, but also by the Award comitee and its president (up to 2012) prof. dr. Anton Ogorelec. The comitee has kept its thight and selective criterias with the goal that all the awarded works do show pratical usage in today’s electircal power industry. From the year 2013 the comitee is run by the president dr. Zvonko Toroš. So far the comitee has given 291 awards (up to y. 2017) from that 165 awards went to students from University of Ljubljana, 62 awards went to students from University of Maribor and 64 awards went to students from other universities. The awards were given to 55 PhD, 90 master and 146 bachelor nominees. Most of the award winners are today’s respected researchers, university professors, bussinessmen or experts with international reputation in european and global expert societies. These kind of reputation are a guarantees, which open new perspective careers to award winners, especially in time of global changes where the key advantage is fast solution devlopment and global market appearance.



25. December, 2019
8:00 - 17:00