The list of award winners (from year 2000 onward) can be found HERE

Awards of international CIGRE Pairs

International CIGRE Paris confers several types of awards at different levels:

  1. The CIGRE Medal: is the highest award of this international organization, which began conferring in 2008.
  2. The CIGRE Honorable Member: is a recognition for honorary membership, which is awarded biennially to individuals for their many years of activity in the CIGRE community. Usually the recipients of this award are former presidents of the organization or chairmen of Study Committees. Award is suggested by the directing staff of CIGRE Paris. Awards of The CIGRE Honorable Member were so far given to:
    • 2018 – mag. Krešimir Bakič
  3. The CIGRE Technical Committee Award: is an award which is given to each member of the Study Committee for the outstanding work and efforts. It is conferred biennially on the proposal of the CIGRE’s Technical Committee. Awards of The CIGRE Technical Committee Award were so far given to:
    • 2004 – mag. Krešimir Bakič (for outstanding work in the field of Development and Economics of Electric Power Systems (SC C1))
  4. The CIGRE Distinguished Member: or Emeritus Member of the international CIGRE is an award which is allotted on a proposal of the National Committee provided that the member meets the conditions, such as for example at least 10 years of being an individual member of CIGRE, active participation in the Study Committees, sessions or in the National Committee, participation in working groups, publication of papers at CIGRE conferences. Awards of The CIGRE Distinguished Members were so far given to:
    • 1998 – prof. dr. Anton Ogorelec
    • 2000 – prof. dr. Ferdinand Gubina
    • 2002 – MSc. Krešimir Bakič
    • 2004 – prof. dr. Maks Babuder,
    • 2004 – prof. dr. Franc Jakl
    • 2010 – MSc. Maja Končan Gradnik,
    • 2010 – Ivan Leban
    • 2012 – prof. dr. Jože Voršič
    • 2014 – MSc. Ladislav Tomšič
    • 2016 – prof. dr. Rafael Mihalič
    • 2018 – prof. dr. Jože Pihler

Awards of Slovenian CIGRE-CIRED

The Slovenian CIGRE-CIRED confers the following awards at the opening ceremonies of of conferences of Slovenian Electric Power Engineers. The awards are divided per excellence at the following levels:
  1. Award for lifetime achievement: is awarded biennially by one-person.
  2. Ambassador CIGRE: is awarded only at exceptional events and meetings. It is intended for persons of international reputation who have made a lot for spreading the operation of CIGRE in international dimensions and friendship among nations.
  3. Plaque CIGRE in plaque CIRED: for excellent work in Slovenian electric power system is awarded biennially (1-3 persons).
  4. Commendation: for successful work in the Slovenian CIGRE-CIRED, successfully implemented project in the last two years, successful research or successful representation of Slovenia abroad in energy institutions. The commendation can be given to several persons and also several times. It is awarded since 1999.
  5. Special award: for long and successful work in Slovenian energetics. It is awarded to retired energy experts who have done a lot for the power system. It is awarded since 2003.
  6. Award for journalistic work: for outstanding and objective media covering in the field of Slovenian electric power systems. It is awarded since 2005.
  7. Diplomas: for the most outstanding papers presented in Study Committees at conferences of Slovenian electrical engineers. It is awarded since 1995.
  8. prof. Bedjanič’s awards: for the excellence of bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or PhD. In collaboration with the University of Ljubljana and University of Maribor, CIGRÉ-CIRED took over sponsorship of this award from company Iskra.