Bottom table shows Slovenian members in CIGRE’s international Study Committees (valid for years 2022-2024).


Rules for international Study Committee members:

  1. According to the rules of the CIGRE Paris the international Study Committee (SC) consists of a Chairman and his Secretary, plus 25 regular members and 10 observers.
  2. The mandate of each member / observer lasts for 4 years with a possible extension up to 6 years. The same applies to the President of the Study Committee, who is elected by the Administrative Council of CIGRÉ Paris on the proposal of the Chairman of the Technical Committee.
  3. For successful work of its Study Committee Chairmen of Study Committees can choose a certain number of experts (up to 10) that are globaly distinguished in certain field of work or who have been successful managers of working groups and were rewarded for their exceptional work.


Coordinators for applying interested individuals in international CIGRE Working Groups (WG) are Slovenian members of international CIGRE Study Committees. Only through them an individual can become a member of a particular WG. In case that Slovenia doesn’t have a representative/member in Study Committee than it is the job of Slovenian National Committee CIGRE-CIRED to coordinate individual’s application in WGs.

Members of international CIGRE SCs also have to be members of international CIGRE (individual or collective). This is a pre-condition to be able to access the content regarding the specific international SC.

Members of international CIGRE WGs do not need to be members of international CIGRE or members of Slovenian National Committee CIGRE-CIRED. For a WG members it’s crucial that they have the references and knowledge on WG area of research. Once the individuals become WG members, the head of WG (convener) will authorize the member to get full access to the WG materials through KMS portal for the duration of WG activities (2-3 years). Top PhD students are usually invited into WGs no matter their membership status.


  • On the website you can see the list of open and active Working Groups.
  • If you find a WG that interests you and you want to collaborate please contact Slovenian member in international Study Committee(s) to which WG is bounded by (example: WG D2.51 is bounded to SC D2, JWG B1D1.75 is bounded to B1 and D1).
  • It is the duty of Slovenian member in international Study Committee to present you for WG membership in international CIGRE, if you have the adequate technical references and expertise.
  • The members of WGs have to be active contributers who bring new knowledge and practices to WG. Passive individuals who are interested only taking information without contributing are not adequate for collaboration in WG.

The work in WG lasts for 2-3 years. After the final document/report of WG is completed the WG is dismissed by CIGRE Technical Committee.