Oznaka Study committee name member/ observer/ expert E-mail
SC A1 Rotating electrical machines and power plants issues Ivan ZAGOŽEN observer
SC A2 Transformers Tim GRADNIK observer
SC A3 High-voltage equipment Miha BEČAN observer
SC B1  Power insulated cables Samo ŠTOJS observer
SC B2 Overhead lines Viktor LOVRENČIČ member
SC B3 Substations Marko TESTEN observer
SC B4 HVDC and Power electronics
SC B5 Protection, automation and measurements Janez ZAKONJŠEK observer
SC C1 System Development and Economy Saša JAMŠEk observer
SC C2 System Operation and Control Janko KOSMAČ observer
SC C3 System Environmental Performances Aleš KREGAR member
SC C4 System Technical Performances Jože PIHLER observer
SC C5 Electricity Markets and Regulation Miloš PANTOŠ observer
SC C6 Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation Ivan ŠMON observer
SC D1 Materials and Emerging Test Techniques
SC D2 Information Systems and Telecommunications
1. According to the rules of the CIGRÉ Paris the international Study Committee (SC) consists of a Chairman and his Secretary, plus 25 regular members and 10 observers.
2. The mandate of each member / observer lasts for 4 years with a possible extension up to 6 years. The same applies to the President of the Study Committee, who is elected by the Administrative Council of CIGRÉ Paris on the proposal of the Chairman of the Technical Committee.
3. For successful work of its Study Committee Chairmen of Study Committees can choose a certain number of experts (up to 10) that are globaly distinguished in certain field of work or who have been successful managers of working groups and were rewarded for their exceptional work.