Slovenian Committee of Electric Power Engineers organizes conferences, workshops, consultations and other technical events for local and international power system experts. To ensure the events are of high quality and that our members get the best possible experience, CIGRE-CIRED instates special Organizational Comittee for each event that is being organized. The Organizational Comittee consists of top experts employed in Slovenian power system. The experts are then suggesting guest key speakers for technical panels, coordinating conference programme and schedule, ensuring that topics follow the latest trends in the industry and much more.

The event’s participants have a lot of benefits when attending such events, since they openly and freely share knowledge, present their work, have constructive debates with fellow experts  and seek business opportunities, all of which contributes to knowledge development in Slovenian power system.


Every odd year Slovenian Committee of Electric Power Engineers organizes the largest and most visited electric power conference named Conference of Slovenian electric power engineers. This is the main event where delegates present their work on power systems over the last two years. The papers are presented in specific Study Committees. After each presentation a few last minutes is dedicates for open discussion and questions regarding presented work. This is where the experts can truly share their knowledge, views and practical experiences, regarding different topics. A strict peer review of submissions ensures that the presented papers are of the highest quality and have authentic and validated information. The conference duration is 3 days, every two years on different location in Slovenia. During the conference other activities besides paper presentations are also available, such as:

  • Technical panels presentations (guest key presentations by top Slovenian and international experts regarding specific topic)
  • Presentations of papers in CIGRE-CIRED Young/Student members (excellent opportunity for companies who are seeking new and young employees)
  • Large technical exhibition of Slovenian and international power companies.
  • Awards ceremony
  • Technical and tourist visits of nearby places
  • Gala dinner and other socializing & networking events
  • Rich conference programme
  • Other activities on site, offered by conference hotel (swimming pools, saunas, tourist trips, etc.)

Conference of Slovenian electric power engineers in numbers (typical conference):

  • 500+ delegates
  • 200+ presented papers
  • 3-4 technical panels
  • 3 day
  • 20+ companies in technical exhibition

See some of the highlights from the conferences


Here you can see the list of past conferences and statistics of presented papers


Slovenian Committee of Electric Power Engineers regularly organizes other smaller events that are meant for education, technical debates and networking of Slovenian power experts.

Conference on maintenance in electric power systems

Every two years (on even years) Slovenian Committee of Electric Power Engineers organizes Slovenian conference on maintenance of electric power devices and objects for transmission, distribution and production. The conference duration is 1 day in hotel Perla in Nova Gorica. On the conference experts share their gained experiences on maintenance of electric power equipment in the last two years.

Workshops, technical consultations and other events

Slovenian Committee of Electric Power Engineers also organizes other small one day events with the goal to educate their members by providing them high quality events both live and online. Through educating and connecting Slovenian power experts together, CIGRE-CIRED not only takes care of development of our member’s competences but also endeavors to contribute to the entire Slovenian electric power system community. Some of our most famous events include

  • Workshop on usage of artificial intelligence in electric power systems
  • Workshop on cybersecurity in electric power systems
  • Awards of professor Bedjanič for the best master and PhD theses
  • 25th anniversary of CIGRE-CIRED Committee

International CIGRE Simposia 2021

For the first time in histroy Slovenian Committee of Electric Power Engineers will have the honor of organizing international CIGRE Simposia 2021. This event will host the world’s leading experts in power systems and we expect the participation count of around 600 delegates. The Simposia will occur on 100th anniversary of international CIGRE, which is a great milestone in the world of electric power systems.