Become a member of Slovenian NC CIGRE-CIRED

Yearly membership of Slovenian CIGRE-CIRED for year 2021:

  • Individual membership (for individuals):
    • regular membership: 20,00 €
    • for senior members: 10,00 €
    • for young members (young engineers and students until 33 years of age)*: 10,00 €
  • Collective membership (for companies, universities and educational institutions):
    • for companies up to 20 employees: 500,00 €
    • for companies over 20 employees: 750,00 €

* Young engineers up to 33 years of age get 50 % discount for first two years of membership. For students who are studying bachelor, masters or PhD and have faculty certificate of enrollment there are no limitations to discount usage.

International CIGRE

Yearly membership of CIGRE Paris for year 2021:

  • Individual membership (for individuals):
    • Individual members I: 88,00 €
    • Individual members II (young engineers until 35 years of age): 44,00 €
  • Collective membership (for companies):
    • Collective members I (companies): 580,00 €
    • Collective members II (universities and educational institutions): 290,00 €



We welcome you to join us and become a member of the Slovenian CIGRE-CIRED or international CIGRE. You become a member by sending us one of the filled application forms below and pay yearly membership fee.




The membership fee can be paid via bank wire transfer to CIGRE-CIRED bank account. After the payment you’ll get the printed invoice. Information for wire transfer:

Slovensko združenje elektroenergetikov CIGRE-CIRED
Tehnološki park 20
1000 Ljubljana

VAT number: SI83061991
IBAN: SI56 020100015857817 at NLB
Purpose: membership fee 2021
Reference: 00 (+date of wire transfer)
Code for purpose of payment: ADMG


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Types of memberships

According to CIGRE-CIRED official statute there are following membership types:

  • Regular members
  • Distinguished members
  • Honorable members

Regular members are all individuals that are members of Slovenian CIGRE-CIRED. Each member get a certain number of points ate the end of the year according to recent years of his membership and his activities on local CIGRE-CIRED onferences and international CIGRE and CIRED conferences.

Distinguished members are members who have accumulated at least 36 points.

Honorable members are members who have made huge contributions over longer periods of time in CIGRE-CIRED community and their governing bodies. Honorable member can also be a CIGRE-CIRED non-member, who has enormously contributed to the functioning and imrpovment of CIGRE-CIRED community.

The list of individual members in Slovenian CIGRE-CIRED in year 2017

The list of collective members in Slovenian CIGRE-CIRED in year 2017

The list of young engineers up to 33 years of age


Notice on equivalent points

From 2013 onward international CIGRE takes into account the equivalent membership of the National Committee for the purposes of voting rights, CIGRE Paris Session papers quota and the right to take part in CIGRE Paris governing bodies. Each member of international CIGRE from Slovenia contributes a valid number of equivalent points to Slovanian National Committee, according to the following evaluation:

  • Individual members I contribute 1 equivalent point
  • Individual members II contribute 0,5 equivalent point
  • Collective members I contribute 6 equivalent point
  • Collective members II contribute 3 equivalent point

Nacionalni komiteji z vsoto manjšo od 40 točk nimajo glasovalnih pravic in nimajo člana v upravnem odboru. V letih 2018 in 2019 je imela Slovenija 101 ekvivalentnega člana. Na podlagi tega je slovenski nacionalni komite CIGRE lahko na mednarodno konferenco CIGRE Session Paris 2020 poslal 9 referatov, ki bodo predstavljeni v mednarodnem okolju pred svetovnimi strokovnjaki v elektroenergetiki.

Countries with the sum of less than 40 equivalent points have no voting rights and do not have a right to have members in the Administrative Board. In the years of 2018 and 2019 Slovenia had 101 equivalent members. Based on that Slovenian CIGRE-CIRED was able to nominate 9 papers for CIGRE Paris Session 2020. These papers will be presented in international environment where leading world’s experts in power systems will be present.

The list of international CIGRE members from Slovenia in year 2017